Automation using external controller.

Hello forum.

First of all, apologies if there’s other topics about this matter. I’ve done some deep search about this and none of the topics were able to help me .

I am using Cubase 8.5 paired with my 88keyboard SL88IStudio. This particular model doesn’t have the usual mod wheels. It has small joysticks, which is fine, but I got used to faders so I bought an external controller NanoKontrol Studio by Korg.
The main purpose for this controller is to use one or two faders for Modulation and possibly Vibrato. Let’s stick with the Modulation “CC1” which is the one I really want to make work.
I’ve done the Cubase setup which comes with the instructions for this model but the preset, as expected, make the faders control the volume of the tracks, which is something I don’t want.
I’ve done some adjustments while searching for this topic and I was able to make the first fader control the Modulation. Great! I can play on the keyboard and while moving the fader the modulation works fine. The problem is that when I record a track, I can hear the modulation going up and down but it’s not recording anything on the midi track.

And to my surprise I found out that what the fader is doing, actually, is controlling an automation and not really the CC1.

I just want the fader to record the CC1 just like the keyboard modwheel does. I’ve seen some people saying this is not possible but there’s tons of composers using external controllers to do this so it’s definitely possible. I just can’t understand how to do this doesn’t matter how many posts about this matter I read.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Unfortunately, the screenshots seem to be missing here… I’m sure they contain valuable info… but how is your NanoKontrol routed into Cubase?
For its output to be recorded into a MIDI track, it has to be seen as a MIDI input to the track (so maybe you need to use the option “All MIDI Inputs”… but, in Device Setup, be sure to deactivate anything you don’t really need to be included).
And, note also that, even if included in “All MIDi Inputs”, if it is also routed to either Quick Controls or to a Generic Remote Device, it will automatically get excluded from “regular” MIDI input to a track.

Thanks Vic!