Automation value and using range selection

I’m learning Cubase and I have two questions regarding automation.

  1. When I select automation with the range selection tool and drag it up or down, I can’t see any value information on Info Line or at the automation line itself. In other words, I have no idea how much I adjust the parameter. Is there any way to change the settings?

2 Is there any way to reset automation value to 0 with one click on the automation line (like commnad+ click on the fader would reset the volume to 0)?

Im on mac, Cubase 10.5


  1. Put the Cursor into the range. Then you can see the value next to the automation parameter name (Volume in this case).

  2. I’m not aware of any. But you could make own Project Logical Editor.

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I see. It looks like selecting and moving the automation then pressing “Go to left locator position” key command will be the easiest way to do that. Thanks.


I don’t mean the Locators range, I mean your selection range.

I have “cycle follows range selection”, didn’t mention that :slight_smile:

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