Automation value editing in Cubase 5


Is there anyway to set an automation value to the parameters of a variable in a vst?

I’m trying to set a tone generator to specific frequencies in sequence, though cubase references the automation points between 0 and 100 (with 2 decimal places) rather than the range of the parameter in the generator; 20-20000.

Is there a way to enter the exact value I want?


Just a thought because I don’t remember exactly if CB 5 has the “Info Line” available…

But, if it does have the “Info Line” available, make sure the info line is showing and click on the automation point you want to change then go to the info line and click on the value and type it in there.

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Yeah I was able to enter the value in there - though it’d be a value between 0 - 100 as apposed to the parameters of the variable in the insert.

I’ve got a kick sent to a gated tone generator and want the tone in key with certain parts. So when there’s a root note at say b, the kick impulse is resonating a 61.74hz tone, but because the increments in the sequencer aren’t lined up to the variable, I can only get so close. As such, in the info panel I entered 14.46 to get 62.17 hZ tone (if my memory serves me right).