Automation Value not changing

Hi guys,

When I click on the automation lane to add and move an automation point, the value on the left (highlighted in red in the picture) is not changing when I drag the cursor but it does change only when I press play. Is there anyway to fix it ? Thank you in advance!

The field you marked out shows the value at the current position of the transport.
The value in the info line shows the value of the selected automation point, sometimes with the correct unit but most often not.
You could bind a key command to “Locate selection” for quickly moving the transport to the automation point you are currently editing.


Yeupp, when I click on an automation point and drag up and down to change it, the info line does change but it’s not in the right unit I want so it’s harder and take more time. This this tutorial video I’m watching (Cubase 5), when I change the automation point the value in the marked out field changes :neutral_face: Is there any other way around ?