Automation Values - Absolute / Relative ?


Can’t figure this one out…

When I select some Automation data points and type in a new value in the numeric box, is there a way to have cubase force all data points to the new Absolute Value number, rather than having them move Relative to their last possition/value?

ie: data points start out all over the place, value-wise, but I type in -3.0 and all automation data that’s selected gets the new value of -3.0…

If it’s not available, it sure would be a handy thing, huh?



Yes, it’s definitely a handy thing! You need to hold down Ctrl while pressing Return/Enter (or probably Cmd on the Mac?). This is the trick for setting all selected item’s values to the number you type into the box. Works on most value boxes too.


Thanks! Gonna try that right now…:slight_smile: