Automation values not being reported for VST2.4 - by design?

The issue of VST2.4 plugins not reporting their values on the info line or when moving nodes is annoying, but i’ve just been informed by Steinberg that it’s by design. :question:

[BON-8263] Automation values not being reported for VST2

I can’t understand how not providing the useful information is “by design”. The “solution” is apparently to use VST3, but if not giving automation values is by design then why does VST3 give the information?

Or is the design to hobble VST2.4 to make more users use VST3? I’ll always use VST3 when I can, but there are still thousands of plugins which are only VST2.4.

All other DAWs I know of which support VST2.4 have no problem showing automation values, and I can’t understand why Steinberg are choosing to make VST2.4 difficult to use.