Automation visible on top of tracks audio events - like midi controllers on midi notes

A little bit more compact viewing of tracks, and you spot where automation is available always.
At least for volume - or selectable other parameters too.

A settings exist for Volume on event itself, but not for automation stuff.

And a color intensity setting like for midi notes and controllers as well - so you can see it properly.
Automation color follow track color, so some balance of this is needed.

Reaper and Sonar at least I know do this.

Pro Tools does this too, and it’s great. +1 for this – less clutter, and less clicking overall.

+1, automation in Pro Tools is more elegant. Complicated projects look far more clear. Also when You use cmd/option/control + click on any parameter you can enable automation, cmd/cntr turn automation visible! Simple and genius! It’s so many small function related to audio and mixing that will be awesome to import to Cubase, and Avid can learn so many from steinberg about midi editing :slight_smile: