Automation weirdness

Using 7.5.3 (had this problem since 6 something) and VIP with VEP for this example. (Problem not limited to VSL). Doesn’t seem to matter which cc I’m using. Let’s say I set an automation point (cc11 for this example) at 0 and a beat later, set one to 127. Play, and works as it should. Reset the 2nd point to 0, and play from 1st beat. You can see the slider in VIP move up as if it the 2nd point was still set at 127 even though it is now set at 0. After 1/2 second or so, it catches itself and then the slider suddenly drops to 0. The result is the start of the note on the 1st beat will start with the original 0-127 crescendo and then drop to where is should be.

Same thing if both nodes are set to 0, play and then set the 2nd node to 127. The crescendo won’t start for 1/2 second or so. For whatever reason, Cubase is remembering the previous setting for an instant. I have done a complete new installation and the problem exists. Tried every combination of settings of chase, reset on stop, etc. This happens only when using automation.

Another example: Set automation node at 0 at beginning of piece with a note starting on beat 2 and cc jumped to 127. Plays fine. Set transport before the jump and the fader in VIP goes down to 0. Set node from 127 to 0. Play, the fade will jump to 127 on beat 2 for a 1/2 second before dropping back to 0.

Mac Pro late 2013.

I don’t have VEP, so I can’t check with that, but, at any rate, performing your recipe on a “regular” MIDI track here (routed to an external MIDI synth) works perfectly.

Just a couple of suggestions which may or may not help…

Check that you haven’t got any other tracks that are sending the same CC number, I’ve had that before by duplicating tracks and forgetting that they’ve both got automation on them.

Also Cubase considers some of the CC numbers to be special and resets them sometimes, e.g. sustain (7), possibly expression and others. I found this out after having a lot of probs with an orchestral VSTi and a couple of remote hardware synths which responded to them when I didn’t want them to. I used MidiOX to examine exactly what Cubase was sending, then changed to another CC number. I think you can’t use the built-in midi viewer because Cubase hides the fact that it changes/chases those CC numbers from you.

Try as vic_france has done with something other than VEP, see if it still does it, may help narrow down the problem?


I’m doing this test using 1 track. The problem is not limited to VSL. Your right about the built-in midi viewer. I looked at MidiOX and there isn’t a version for Mac. Perhaps I can find another program that works on Mac.

Ah, no MidiOX, hmm, you could loop the midi back into Cubase, but you’d have to be really careful it doesn’t feed back on itself!!