Automation... where am I missing this?

I’m a recent upgrader from version 4 to 6. In 4, when I was ready to write volume automation, I’d use “overwrite” mode (I believe that was what it was called… it was in the list of 5 modes…) to create a start/ finish point for automation, so that in “touch” mode, it would have a return point to go back to. In 6, I can’t figure out how to take a snapshot of the volumes, write these start/ finish points, etc. Where am I missing this? Surely you don’t have to manually write a start and end point for every track, do you?

My thanks in advance!

Look under the Project menu for the Automation Panel. It has changed a lot from v4. Some like it some don’t but I’m pretty sure it would be easier to study the manual on the new functions than for us to try to explain any details but I hope I’ve pointed you in the right direction to start from.

Automation might not have been his first concern when upgrading. You do find new things as you work along the new features.

Hey, thanks for the replies, guys… much appreciated. A little background… I’m an “old guy,” not new to automation, a Steinberg/ Yamaha endorsee, etc… Been there done that… worked with a lot of folks on the radio today… some #1’s under my belt… yada, yada, yada… :smiley:

Now, back to the question…

OK, I’ll check the “fill” stuff, thank you. I had previously gone through the manual before posting here. I’m at the end of my mix and it’s time to automate. It just didn’t seem as easy as before to set my “start” and “finish” points so that “touch” has a point of reference.

Time for this old dog to learn “upgrade” tricks. lol :mrgreen:

Thanks so much… have a great weekend!