Automation whims :-)

Hi to everyone …I have (another :blush: ) problem … sigh. When I try to use automations with continuos data (as volume or pan pot or similar) all work properly but if I try to get automation with on/off data I’m able to write it, yes, but I can’t read (so Cubase don’t work properly!) Example … I want get ON a reverb at bar 40 and I want place it on OFF at bar 45 … Ok, as usually I write whith mouse the on/off on the slot and effectively Cubase write, in the automation track, the on off points but when I try to play and listen I have not the REVERB (with volume or panpot or others all works properly. I noted that I can select and edit the continuos data (pan pot volume etc) but I CAN’T SELECT and edit the on/off data (Is not the lock button!!! Already verfied :cry:) What I can do to solve the problem? Please someone with big heart and patience try to help me (If he is able to interpretate my horrible English. Sorry, I’m from Italy!)
Thx in advance.

Ok, problem solved … thx the same … :slight_smile:
See you next time :slight_smile: