Automation with controller

Is there any good video explaining decently and in details how to use automation in cubase with controllers?
I’ve used all daws in my life but I’ve never seen anything similar like there is cubase.

You perform the automation, so a curve gets written, sometimes is editable sometime is not (why?). But, when you edit it, it creates above some uncontrollable nodes…I really cannot get it.

Start here:

And some older stuff that might be helpful?

Thank you for the advice, really. Although, none of them give a solution to my problem, as I guess, there must have been some big bizarre changes in 10.

As I said, the written curve, sometimes results not editable and If I intervene with the line tool is going to change completely the curve and volume working in a sort of incomprehensible trimmer. If I tried with the selector tool sometimes I can modify in the same bizarre fashion, but some other cannot.

If we add the incredible touch that behaves as latch…

I’m not encouraging anyone to change daw, you will find obscenities like this one is any of them. I can tell.

Besides, I hope this is just due to my being a novice here.
Unfortunately, I have to say that cubase is probably the least featured daw on youtube and the forum is pretty unresponsive (compared to others)

…very unresponsive