Automation with Line Tools: How to get 4 bar sine curves


I am struggling drawing 4 bar sine curves using the line tool in Cubase 11.0.10 .

What I would like to quickly create is a 16 bar automation with sine curves stretching over 4 bars.

It is working well with 1 bar sine curves using the grid. However, as the highest value in the grid is 1 bar, there is no way to create 4-bar sine waves with this approach.

I am turning off the grid snap. and press shift to set the period length manually. But I am only getting a straight line with the Sine-Tool. I can’t find a way to create several 4-bar sine intervals and there are generally no sine intervals appearing, although sine mode is selected…only a straight line

Any suggestions, how the line tool can produce a constant 4 bar intervals of sine and other curves?

I find no hint in the corresponding help file titled “Tools for Drawing Automation Data”.

(PS: And why @Steinberg_Service is it not possible to post a link to the help page? I think it is quite unfortunate for the flow of knowledge if you prevent cross-references here)

Hi and welcome,

Either I don’t understand your description precisely (sorry), or I can’t reproduce it here. Could you please make a video screen recording?