Automation within Direct Offline Processing w/ regions timeline inside

Title nails it pretty much. When you do a ‘Direct Offline Process’, there would be a new timeline/overview of the region you are processing where you could add automation tracks below it.

Sounds good, event waveform view would be even better

+1 absolutely

Yes I think Waveform view is sort of what I was imagining.

So to further describe, essentially, this type of Direct Offline Processing Automation would follow the region using it’s particular waveform as its time reference INSTEAD of the project timeline.

For example. If I had an 8 bar region of audio at ‘bar 120’ of a project, and went into direct offline processing for this region, did automation within this new feature… and then moved this 8 bars of audio to ‘bar 25’ - the automation would be contained within this regions direct offline processing and therefor followed to the new location. If you copy duplicate this region of audio, again, the automation within this regions DOP would also be duplicated.

bump, would be amazing

guys, can I do in Cubase this: ???