Automation workflow question

Hi -

Its probably my first post here and I thought I’d just ask you guys this as you’re probably best equipped to help me out and I’d really appreciate your insight on the easiest/fastest ways of using automation during the writing process.

Lets say I want to automate the decay of a reverb plugin. I know I can press ‘w’ on the track and grab the decay knob with my mouse but I cant see the automation lane anywhere until I’ve quit automating and opened up an automation track and found the parameter in question. Am I right that there is no instant ‘auto-show’ of automated/focused parameters nor can I open up a lane for a selected parameter by right-clicking the plugin param in question or some other equally instant method?

I would just love to be a bit more fluid and flexible with automation as more and more of the creative flow seems to revolve around it. I’ve been away from cubase for two years and in the meanwhile I was working in ableton, reason, logic and a little bit with studio one and each of them offers an option to instantly ‘show an automation lane’ for the selected/automated parameter, ableton in fact does that automatically.

If you have any hints relating to dealing with automation more transparently / quickly, I’d really appreciate your input. Its the only thing that throws me off right now.

I just upgraded to C7 but I doubt anything has changed since C6 in this area.

Thanks a lot.

I set up a key command, ‘A’ for ‘Show Used Automation’. So I write some automation, hit ‘A’ and the automation on the selected channel is immediately visible.

wow J-S-Q how come I didnt think of that - I am such an idiot. Thank you :slight_smile:

…still, is there a way “automatically show lane for selected parameter”?

go to the automation panel, there is a button down on the left corner. press it and then check “reveal parameter on write”. here ya go. :smiley:


things to do after work: create a shortcut for ‘a’ (just like in Logic / Studio One!) and call up F4 with “reveal parameter on write”. cant wait to get home and crack this bad boy open! :smiley: