Automation write vs Controller Lanes in Elements

The manual’s a little thin on automation - could someone explain what the difference is between Controller Lanes and Automation tracks - and how to edit the information in them?

E.g. I can create a Controller Lane, but it only covers a limited number of CCs, not all of them. But, I can record other CCs in an Automation track.

Why the separation, also?



You can add any MIDI CC to the Controller Lane.

The way of working is a bit different (or better to say, it was different). The CCs in the Controller Lane were (are) handled more like the dedicated MIDI Events. So you have every single value of every single event under the control. The automation works more like the lines/curves. So more or less, you specify the position and value of the start event end the position and the value of the end event. Then you specify the between these two values. It’s a bit different approach.

Btw, if you record the MIDI CCs as the automation, you have to count with the Automation Reduction Level, which you can setup in the Automation Panel.

Today you can make curves in the Controller Lanes too. But still the approach feels a bit different.

Thanks - maybe it’s a limitation of Elements but I can’t see how to add CC48 (Master Tune for my synth). There’s a list of the common ones but no ‘add’ or similar.

Doesn’t matter too much at this point, as I can draw in the Automation track and get the sound to change, which is the main thing.

Sorry for the n00b questions. This is all a lot easier in FL Studio (you just draw what you need)!


Sorry, I’m not worth Cubase right now, so I don’t know the exact name… Don’t use the + button down in the Controller Lane to add another Lane. Use the arrow drop-down menu. You will find the relevant entry to manage the CCs visibility there.

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Yep - found it! Just need to find out how to view incoming MIDI data so I can pick the correct CC to manage.


You can use a MIDI Monitor on a MIDI Insert to see the activity.