p.l.z. excuse my bad english.


Very very pleas make ALL Automation Sample-Akkurat!!!(my VST3 Plugins already are)

Wish to be able to handle Automation like MIDI, but really!

For “stack recording” and comping for example…

Colorize and put in Blocks (like MIDI-Event Blocks).

Different views for Automation: (Automation-View)
An automation-lane witch only use 4 sensful Values, doesn’t need to be viewn as 128Million-Values.
Very anying if like e.g. Cable Guy’s - Shper Box, realy use the first 9 Values to change it’s 9 Patterns(LFO/Env Waveform). And so practical unusable…

Name-View, with cut’n Names, is very anying.

Farther own Automation-Track/Channels would be extremely awesome

An Automation-Track/Channel is like any other Track/Channel armed with Inspector and so on.
Automation-Track/Channels have Inserts and Sends:
The Inserts house AutomationPlugins: LFO, Env, Note2Automation…
The Sends are destinations with -/+ unmount with a learn function like the quick controls.
The Automation-Channel-“Fader” can show actual Automation Value or write Automation. The “Fader” shouldn’t display as Fader, instead the respectiv Automation-View. The colour of this “Fader” corrosponds to the actual Automation, to respectiv Time.

Would be non+ultra Awesome if you get there!!!

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