please help.

I have a Kore2 and a Novation SL25MkII, both have touch sensitive encoders/faders.

I want to automate parameters in “touch” mode. That means, automation punch in as soon as touching an encoder, and punch out, as soon as you let go.

It functions well with the mouse: click a control, automation punch in, hold the mouse button down, let it go, sudden punch out.

However, when I set up my touch sensitive encoders, no matter how, automation punches in as early as I MOVE the encoder, not as soon as I touch it. Also, when I stop moving the encoder, automation punch out takes place around a second after the last move, but not as soon as when I let go of the encoder.

I tried to setup the encoder for quick control, I tried using generic remote, I tried Mackie Control Emulation, but nothing…

Punch in shall happen as soon as I touch the encoder, Punch out shall happen as soon as I let it go.

How dan I do this?

My guess is that when you use your mouse, the automation is reading the “click and hold button” as a “get ready” fader adjustment and isn’t incorporating touch sensitivity at all. Therefore, when you manually make the fader adjustment, the automation is cueing on fader movement and not the sensitivity command. This tells me that the wrong parameters are set for the automation response that you’re looking for. Either you’ve set the automation parameters for fader movement or the sensitivity cannot be automated. (not familiar with those protocols) If they can be, you have to find the right parameter.

mouse or not, there must be a way.

I fiddled the last days and nights with that. There is a way to use “touch automation” in cubase, that actually punches in on touch, and punches out when you let go.

I can set the Automap Software with my SL25MkII to “use Automap HUI” in the settings for the Automap Server HUD software. This will add a virtual MIDI port “Automap HUI” to the system, so I have to do this BEFORE starting cubase.
Then, I start Cubase, go to “Device Setup” and added a “Mackie Baby HUI” device. The In- and Ootput ports are set to the now availabe “Automap HUI”.
If I switch my SL25MkII into Automap “Mixer” mode, the SL25MkII communicates with the Automap server, which in turn creates and sends HUI protocol MIDI data to the Automap HUI port. These MIDI data is received by Cubases Device “Mackie Baby HUI”, which in turn controls the Cubase Mixer. If I touch a fader on the SL25MkII, without moving it , the corresponding channel in cubase is selected. Nice.

Now, I drawed wild curves on an the automation lane for a channel volume. I switch on Automation Write in Touch Mode, hit start on the transport and whenever I TOUCH the fader on the SL25MkII that corresponds to that channel, automation PunchIn takes place immediately, without even moving the fader.
PunchOut takes place immediately, as soon as I let go.

THIS IS how it should be.

BUT: I want to have this method not only for the parameters which are cotnrolled by the Mackie Baby HUI device like volume etc., but for ANY PARAMETER.

For example, I want to control the wet/dry parameter of a reverb plugin.

This is what I tried:

  1. I set up a Kore2 encoder to send MIDI CC#0 values on MIDI ch#1.
  2. In Cubase, Device Setup, I set up the Quick Controls so that MIDI CC#0 on MIDI Ch#1 of the NI Kore MIDI In Port controls the QC1 value.
  3. In a Cubase track, I assigned the Quick Control 1 to the “wet/dry” parameter of the reverb.

Now, I can turn the Kore2 encoder, which results in the wet/dry paramater of the reverb turned also, fine.

I want to automate the wet/dry parameter, so I switched on Automation Write in Touch Mode.
But still, automation PunchIn takes place when I MOVE the encoder, not as soon as I touch it.
And Punch Out takes place a second after the last MOVE, not as I let it go.

Sure, how should Cubase know about the fact that I touch the encoder, or let it go?

AND THIS is my question: I can set up the Kore2 encoder, so that it sends any MIDI message when I touch it, or let it go, independently of the move of the encoder, which sends MIDI cc#0 values.

But HOW can I set up Cubase - either the Quick Control Device, or the Generic Remote, or a Application Setting anywhere, or what else - so that it receices the MIDI message send by the Kore2 encoder when touched, and thus Punches In or Out Automation in “Touch Mode”?