Hi There,

Does Cubasis support automation of parameters for the included effects and virtual instruments?

Thanks - Pete


Not that I can see. I wouldn’t expect too much in this area, but I was disappointed to see no over all track level envelopes (unless I’m missing something). Each event has a Fade In/ Out and level envelope but IMO that’s not enough even on an iPad… and $50 is a ‘real’ app price.

Hope it comes later

Hoping for automation. I’m not going to spend $50 for it not to have automation.

I use garage band a lot for working out ideas on the train to work, and I just wish it had automation so I could automate filters. But automation of all the different effects parameters in cubasis would be way better! more interesting sounds than Garage Band, being able to add FX to different tracks and automate things will make this a no brainer purchase for me. But if it can’t automate things I will have to seriously think long and hard about it…

Dear Pete,

At the moment there is no automation feature available, but we got many customers who wish to do automations inside in Cubasis. We got it on our list of feature requests.
You can expect to see this feature in a future version of Cubasis.