I would like to bring an automation issue to the N7 board that was on the N6 board:
Synclav wrote a very good post about this that I would like to quote here to show my point.

I think it’s a very important suggestion to seriously enhance the automation system for audio post that should be considered for improvement because it would make a huge difference.
With (hopefully) a lot of PT users coming over to demo (and crossgrade to) Nuendo I feel that this is one of the very few things where Nuendo still needs to improve.


Also, when in Virgin Territory, one should be able to “match” back to the parameter value before the automation punch. This is possible on the S5, but in Nuendo, if you are in a Virgin Territory, exiting automation just lets you hang at the value you were currently using (instead of reverting to the value at the automation Punch In time). Of course, pressing Stop should leave the parameters at the current value if in a virgin territory.
The other feature that is needed is a Write to Next Point. With this feature activated, Nuendo would be filling gaps as the user comes back to make changes to spaces where VT exists. This in turn makes it easier to use the Touch mode on subsequent passes.