Is there a quick way to choose 2 points on the automation lane ? if i want to add gain to volume automation between 2 points .

in pro tools there is a special tool for this action , didn’t find a proper way to do it in cubase .

You can multi select automation points like you multi select anything…lasso with the mouse or shift/command click.

Seems rather an obvious answer though so maybe I’m misunderstanding you?

Select both points (drag a square over them), you should then get the following: use the arrow at the top to drag the points up and down. Works great :slight_smile:
Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 22.15.42.png

I use the range selection and drag it down to create to points , this is the easy part , now i want to lower only the information between the two points . the arrow drag the whole automation track not only the information in between the dots , correct me if i wrong . if there is a way to change the info between the dots it would be great .

Ok…so you need another 2 points to hold the automation to left and right in place.

Take a look here for a possible way to add this functionality:

There’s no need to use the range select tool: basically you just make four dots, the two on the outside to “hold” the level of the automation, and the two inside which are the ones you’re going to move up and down. Just use the normal pointer, and click and drag a square over the two inside points (you’ll basically end up making a trapezium shape with the 4 automation points) and then you’ll see the light grey square come up with the arrow handle so you can drag the two inside points up and down.

in protools you don’t have to make four dots . there are a lot of actions to do in order a simple task i do in pro tools . on click . maybe the macro thing can work , i see in the forum they didn’t make it except of 1 guy . this need to get fixed .
when you automate vocals its insane to do so much actions .

I couldn’t really say…I’ve only every used Cubase and Logic, and their automation works pretty much the same, I kind of presumed all DAW’s automation worked in the same way

Found the solution ! , nice tutorial .

When I want to start automating and clicking the automation line to insert a dot the whole line jumps a little. What’s up with that? Now I don’t know whether the level changed by doing that. This happens every time.

Just hold the CTRL button while you click , it will hold you on a steady value.