Automations on Track Event Like in Pro Tools

Steinberg team, please bring us this way of editing automation! :slight_smile: It would save so much space on the Timeline, especially if we have multiple automation lanes on a single track… Take an example from Pro Tools. Pro Tools has the best way to edit The clip/event Volume data in the various places over the event without need of slicing them just to change the volume.
Greetings and success! :slight_smile:

This way screen space will be saved. And the most important thing is to have proper positioned automation lanes.
For example the pre-fader Volume 0 dB must be at the middle of the Event.
Of course with an option to Hide/Show them.

I hope to see this improvement soon! :slight_smile:

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Hey, team behind Cubase, please think about implementing the same Volume and other automation Envelope editing as in Pro Tools! :slight_smile:
Presonus already did this in Studio One for the Volume envelopes .
One can do envelope changes on multiple tracks, too.

I hope you would think about it! :slight_smile:

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You can edit the Audio Event based volume curve.

Select the Draw tool and start to draw the Volume curve in the Audio event (Project window).

@Martin.Jirsak hello,
Thank you very much for the reply! :slight_smile:
I already know the things you told me, and they don’t work well as they should.
At 0dB the Event Volume line must be in the middle, not on the top of the Event.
By using the Draw Tool you can decrease the volume, but you can’t increase it.
The Bezier curves should also be available for the Event Volume envelope editing! :slight_smile:
The guys from Steinberg must make this function work as it works in Pro Tools and Studio One (with option to show/hide it).
I also would like to see an option to switch between the various Automations directly over the Event, not only to open Automation Lanes below the track. This will save so much space…

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Have you seen this in Cubase?

@steve hello,
Yes, of course I have seen this option many years ago. :slight_smile:
It only controls the fader Volume… (and of course you have to open an Automation Lane below the track) I don’t need this!
The Event Volume works before the Mixer. I need to make pre-mixer volume editing directly on the Event without slicing it to pieces.

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