Automtion Appearance

why does the automation look different when I record cc1 & cc11

cc1 has small adjustable boxes
cc11 has a smooth line that I can’t modify

How can I change the appearance of cc 11 to look like cc 1


CC11 has been recorded as an automation to the Project window. CC1 has been recorded as MIDI data to the MIDI Part.

how can I record cc11 as midi data?

I have recorded cc11 in the midi part and it comes out the same as the project window

You have CC11 on your Quick Control slot. So that means it is being automated from the project window and not inside the MIDI part. You also have Write enabled. Maybe this is why it’s being recorded into the project window.

Turn Write off, turn record on and then record your CC11.

the only way I know how to record cc 11 is through quick controls. How can I record cc 11 in the midi window?

or how can I set up cc 11 so I don;t have to use quick controls and just record it on the midi window?


If you want to record MIDI CC as automation, you always have to enable (automation) Write on the track. And then you have to set the MIDI CC for the Quick Control or select as an automation track:

  • How Automation track.
  • Click to the Automation parameter name.
  • Select More…
  • Open the All CC in the Add Parameter window.
  • Select the MIDI CC.
  • Click OK.

However, if you want to record the MIDI CC to the editor:

  • Don’t enable Write.
  • Hit Record.

The simplest way would be to set up your MIDI controller to output CC11. Then you just hit the record button and start tweaking. Obviously make sure the MIDI track is record enabled.

If for some reason you can’t setup your MIDI controller to output CC11, you can use the input transformer to transform any CC to CC11. For example, you can transform CC1 into CC11. So when you use the mod wheel, it will actually transform into CC11 and will record into the MIDI part.


Double-check MIDI > CC Automation Setup…, please. here you can set if any CC should be recorded as MIDI Part or Automation Track.

Hello Martin.Jarsak,

Can you post a picture on where I can set if I should record midi as a part or automation track. I am sorry, I am still learning Cubase. Thank you


You can set it up under the MIDI (menu) > CC Automation Setup window. Here you can set, which CC will be recorded to the MIDI Part and which MIDI CC to the Automation track.

by doing that, will it get my midi cc 11 to look like midi cc 1?


It depends on the settings. I attached the default settings. The default settings is, all MIDI CCs follow the global settings, which is to record to the MIDI Part.

What is exactly what I have. I have always had midi part global and that didn’t work. I wonder why?


Because you recorded the MIDI CC11 via Quick Controls as an automation. You wrote automation instead of MIDI data recording.

i don’t understand

I guess the question here is, why are you using Quick Controls to automate CC11 vs using MIDI to automate CC1?

Is it because your MIDI controller doesn’t transmit CC11?

I don’t know of any other way. If there is another way, please let me know. I am new to cubase

What MIDI controller / MIDI device are you using?


The same way, you recorded MIDI CC1.

CC 1 gets recorded in the midi part. CC11 doesn’t, which is the whole point of my creating this post. I don’t know how to make cc11 record in the same way midi cc 1 in the midi part