Automute on mic?


I just started using Cubase and I am a beginner as far recording goes. I’m running into a strange problem.

When recording vocals, it looks like Cubase mutes the microphone when there is less- or no sound. For example: when I record “testing123” several times with a little pause in between, I get “esting123” when I play it back. It happens with a Tascam US-144mkII, but also when I test it with the internal mic of the MacBook.

I’m using the most recent trial version of Cubase 9 Elements.

Anybody any ideas how to solve this?

Best regards!

Hi and welcome,

Cubase doesn’t mute any signal on the input by default.

What kind of project do you use? Do you use any Cubase template or an Empty project? Do you use any plug-ins (Insert effects or Channel Strip) on the track? Maybe there is a Gate?

Thanks Martin! It was a gate, loaded automatically in a Cubase template. Problem solved! :smiley: