Autoplay new range without hitting play/space?

“locator location follows range selection” is on in the prefrences but i still have to press space/play when a new loop/range is made. Just using the mouse is possible right? It’s 2 keystrokes!: 1 for stopping current loop and 1 for playing new loop.

Sure, as long as the cursor can hit the right locator in order to be sent back to the left locator.

Cubase has a gazillion Transport commands, you will probably have to look through them to find the right one(s) for your workflow.

without the cursor hitting the right locator.

  • Cycle Follows Range Selection doesn’t have that function.
  • there’s no need to stop the playback

If you take some time to learn the transport commands, you will be able to do anything you want.

For example, Use the command Play from Selection Start after you select a new range with the range tool.

The whole point is to not use a command but just use the mouse while the left hand act as a chin-rest.
“On mouse-click-release, play new selection” pretty much.

No, Cubase doesn’t do this.


You can be helped:

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There’s the Loop Selection Range transport command too.