Autoplay of Right Zone

When I work with the right zone open, and I use all three option buttons engaged (autoplay, stretch, wait for project sync), I just drag and drop stuff while the project is playing.

Now, when the loop lands in the project, the preview is still playing for the file, and it sounds louder (since both are playing at the same time).

Is there something I can do to prevent that?


Disable the Wait for Project Play option in the MediaBay Rack’s player, please.

Martin, this does the trick, but still I have some volume discrepancy when the loop is in the track. Probably a preview volume, issue. I’ll have a look. Thank you!


If you drag and drop the sample from MediaBay to the new track, the new track takes the MediaBay’s Preview Volume over. If you drag and drop the sample to the existing track, it doesn’t change the tracks’ volume.

Is this the case?

That’s exactly what happens, but not “volume”. The fader level is indeed what the previewer is set to, but the sound of the track is much louder compared to the preview.


Then increase the Preview Volume in the MediaBay.

Ok. Thanks Martin!