AutoSav not every 5 min as set in pref, anyone?

I’ve had my auto save setup for 5 min in C6.5 (latest).
If I’m in the score edit window and I’m moving around a bit between score edit (to see what I improvised on the piano sketch) while adding a bass overdub in the project or key edit window and I do something while the program is playing (what cubase was originally famous for editing while playing) sometimes if I do something like create a double bar line in the score edit window to make a visible roadmap for the form…I’ll crash.

Now that wouldn’t be so bad but when I look at the mac’s finder window I’m not seeing any autosaved backups for the past 2 hours. What’s up with that? I lost some great creative work.

the backups are in 5 minute increments but the last one was 2 hrs ago…sheesh…
I wrote a lot of music since then. And now it’s all gone.

Is this a bug?

Other than constantly remembering to save manually is there a fix for this?
(sucks big time, I’m have to say)…

el profe

Ok, now I’ve crashed consistently 4 more times and it seems to be in the score editor.
I’ve had the score set to 4 bars to a line/stave. But apparently I played a 5 bar phrase while improvising.

So i’m in the trumpet part and I changed a stave to 5 bars.
Then I go to the next line/stave below it (which is now 3 bars since I grabbed one in the step above).
I tell Cubase to make all the staves from here on out back to the 4 bars per stave.
Then at the end of that first stave where it was a 5 bar phrase I try to create a double bar line and
I get the spinning wheel of doom and cubase quits.
(note I use the double double bar line so there’s one on the last bar of the section
and also another one on the beginning of the next/first bar on the new line.)
A repeatable bug for me (4 x including the first one).

(on top of the fact that the auto save isn’t saving properly to save me)…

Anyone find this as a repeatable bug?

el profe