Autosave error in Cubase 11

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been getting the following error:

“Auto save failed, because the project is corrupt.
Please save the project under a new name and restart the program”

I’ve checked all disks (win 10) and the projects seem fine and manual saving doesn’t give any error messages.
Any ideas on this please?


What about permission of the project folder and all parent folders, please?

What if you actually save the project under a new name, does the error message still occur?
You could try backing up your project to a new folder and see whether the problem persists.

I’ve just given “authenticated users” full permissions to see if that works Martin but I’m pretty sure I’m set as administrator anyway, I’ll report back in a day or two.

Thanks fese, I already have a backup in a different folder and it shows the same behaviour.

Hi Martin, just had the same thing happen.
Here are the permissions of the project folder and the drive itself.

Martin, Cubase is still giving me these errors.
Any suggestions?
Thank You


What folder is it, please?

Hi Martin,
The project folder within the project drive (not C:)