AutoSave Error Question

Hi there,
I recently updated to Dorico on both my computers, an iMac that is backed up to iCloud Drive and a MacBook Air. I use the MacBook to work away from my workstation, but I work on files through iCloud Drive (they’re not local to the MacBook). When I’ve done this recently, I get this error showing up every minute:

Which is strange, because I assume what it’s trying to do is autosave, but my autosave isn’t set to that directory but to a local folder on the MacBook:

The path that the error is giving, though, isn’t the path for my iMac autosaves either.

I don’t remember having this problem before, though I couldn’t say for sure that it’s a Dorico 5-specific issue.

So my question is twofold. First: Why is it trying to save to a Library/Application Support folder instead of where I (am trying to) tell it to? And second: Is there a way to have the autosave save to the iCloud Drive folder that my iMac saves to, even if I’m working on the MacBook?


Same error and ascertainment here when I open a project from another computer. I’m on windows pc

The Project backup folder shown in Preferences isn’t the auto-save location: that’s the location where Dorico will save a rotating set of back-ups each time you save.

Auto-save uses a path that is only specified in the preferences.xml file in your user-level application data folder. It defaults to the ~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 5, i.e. inside your user account’s home folder. I wonder whether perhaps you have attempted to sync all of the settings between two computers, or copied them from one computer to another, and you have different user account names on the two machines? If so, that’s the problem.

Ok that’s fine now ! thanks for the solution . I have two different user account names

Thanks so much Daniel! The distinction between project backups and auto-saves was an important one that I didn’t understand before. It was indeed the case that I had copied the folder from the iMac to the MacBook (in the interest of syncing all the settings, custom key commands, preferences, etc.) with different user names. As always, your patience and clear explanation are deeply appreciated!