Autosave fail

Hi there.

I’m editing an audiobook on a Windows 7 machine using Cubase 6.5. I always have the autosave feature set up as pictured here:
This method of working has never caused me any problems until today, when I closed down Cubase after a day of painstaking edits, only to realise when I opened the project file back up it was as if no work had been done today at all! I immediately checked the project folder for the .BAK files. There were none. I double checked the Autosave settings -all fine.

The only different thing I did on this project was the name I gave the file. Instead of alpha characters like “The Name Of This Book”, I gave it just the chapter numbers I was working on, so the project name is “18-32”.

Is there any reason why Cubase might react differently to a numeric file name which in turn would cause autosave to malfunction? I know it’s a stretch, but I’m honestly at a loss here. I’ve searched my entire system for files named “18-32” and all of the “.BAK” files on all of my hard drives.

I’d appreciate any help anyone can offer.

All the best


I’ve started these edits again in a new project. In the new project, I named it alphanumerically with no dashes. Autosave works again (if anyone’s interested).

Strange little bug.