Autosave folder - syncing two computers?

I use software to sync my user Documents folder between my laptop and my desktop computers. Any change to one is instantly reflected in the other.

After working on a Dorico project away from home on my laptop for a week, I came home, turned on my Desktop, let the two computers sync, and then fired up Dorico on the Desktop.
Dorico (on my Desktop) immediately reported that there was an auto-saved version of the project I’d been working on (on my laptop), which needs recovering.

Am I right in thinking that the Dorico Auto-save folders shouldn’t be synced?

So long as your sync software never deletes any files to keep things in sync, I guess the only side effect will be confusion, but in principle I don’t think it doesn’t make sense to sync the auto saves. You wouldn’t want to sync things like your internet browser cache or cookies, for example, for the same reason - but presumably your sync software is smart enough not to do that without being told.

Luckily, MacOS keeps different types of files in different areas, so Caches and Cookies are not inside the user Documents folder.

On further investigation, it seems that Dorico clears the Auto-save folder when it quits. If it restarts and there’s a project file there, it assumes it hasn’t quit cleanly and offers the recovery.

I think it would be wise to see if I can exclude the Auto-Save folder, or move it outside of my Documents folder. You’re right that the only side-effect is confusion, and I’ve got enough going on. :smiley: