AUTOSAVE is not working properly any more?

I am using Cubase since many years and I’m used to set autosave to a 5-minutes interval.

Right now I have Cubase 8.05 installed and discovered that if the program crashes, the autosave function swaps back to an interval of 15 or 30 minutes (while the entry of 5 minutes stays in the preferences). There has been a similar behaviour in Cubase 7/7.5 with the only difference that the entry in the preferences also swapped back to 30 minutes when I remember it correctly.

I decided to dig into that and in that process I deleted all the old bak-files in the folder to get a better overview, set auto-save to a bit shorter interval of 4 minutes and applied the changes.

After that Cubase saved one single bak file after 4 minutes, but since then does not save any other one.

The amount of bak files which can be saved is set to the maximum of 1000.

Already two hours are gone and no additional bak files are saved.

Is that a known problem?

Just for the record, I got that one solved. The problem was caused by old preference files in the appdata folder as described here →