AUTOSAVE not properly working

I am not complaining about the permanent crashes of Cubase 10, esp. when plugins are moved to a different position in the mixer.
Maybe this is a problem which is triggered by some plugins itself and I have no time to dig into that at the moment.


I really want that my projects are autosaved, esp. when this option is selected and YES, it is,
So why on earth Cubase is not saving it? :blush:

The option is selected, it should autosave each third minute with a limit of 1000 .bak files.
I repeatedly lost my work, in the latest case the last autosave is from 35 minutes ago.
It should autosave each third minute.

Interesting enough that I can see in the saved bak files that every now and then it really follows my 3min autosave rule, but more often it does not and saves it in some random time instead. If this random time happens to be 35 minutes ago it can obviously trigger a problem. I lost again the work of 35 minutes and it sums up to half of a day, if I count how often this happened in the last week.

Can somebody explain me why this does not work like supposed? Is that a known bug? I mean it really and truly looks like an issue with Cubase itself and not one which is triggered by any third party plugin, because if I save the project myself I ve no problems at all.

I am using that for my everyday work and this is not an issue I’ll be able to cope with for a longer period of time.
I’m with Cubase since version 5.0 and hope there will be a solution.

Cubase 10.0.10, Windows 10, newest drivers, no other Cubase installations on this maschine. 12 core ASUS.

Is it because autosave does not happen during playback?

Thanks, Steve, If that’s the case (Cubase not saving during playback) it would explain it, but does not make it any better.
Just a sec before writing that I had the next issue. Again a crash and 30 minutes work are gone. This time by simply stepping back on step in the mixer history. Aaaarg, wondering what’s so wrong here in a fresh installation :frowning:
So, do I understand you right - You add a three minutes autosave routine in the preferences menu, but Cubase will only save it, when playback is stopped in the very moment?

Yes. But it should not be crashing, fix that first.

Yes, Steve, that’s clear, but I have a deadline and no time to check that in the very moment. Right now it would help if auto-save would work.

I just tried to manually save the project during playback and there is absolutely no problem - I can save during playback, the playback does not stop, no drop-outs whatsoever. Why Cubase can’t save then automatically? I don’t get that.

It should be at least an option to select. I really and truly would prefer short drop-outs here and there during mixing, but not lose my work in the case of a crash or another unforeseeable event

I found out that this issue has been reported in the year 2015 already and in the heat of the moment (when you just lost your work again;) it is a bit frustrating that such issues are not addressed by Steinberg. I don’t think that my current crashes have anything to do with Steinberg (most probably some 3rd party plugin, I guess), but it can be argued that maximum security (not to lose your work) should be a core interest of Steinberg.
A properly functioning autosave routine would help in that situation and I really hope that Steinberg will have a closer look at this feature.

“Properly functioning” is subjective, and it’s not a bug, per se. But it is bad for that subset of users who work with playback running nonstop.

There are a couple of workarounds, if you’re interested–

Get into the habit of hitting Save yourself,
reduce the the autosave period and stop playback every once in a while,
or set up a timed Save New Version using Auothotkey or somesuch.

I understand now that it is not a bug, but it’s a pretty unlucky behaviour. Yes, playback is indeed often running nonstop during mixing.
I see it like that - If I read autosave, I think it means autosave - and not autosave except (…)

Yes, I’m starting to work now like in the old days with permanent Ctrl+S, but the fun-factor of that is limited.

Finally I think it would be a pretty good idea if Steinberg would address such issues.

Thanks for your work-around-tips. I don’t know how automatic hotkeys can be programmed, but I think it will be not such a big deal and I’ll check that.
Needless to say that I hope that Steinberg will add a little checkbox to the menu which allows autosave - under any circumstances.

I agree- the manual should state that it it waits for playback to stop in order to save.

Here’s a script I just wrote that does this– I use Autohotkey to customize a million things in Cubase and elsewise. If you’re into that kind of thing- geeking out over solving workflow minutia, you would love it.

This script has a keystroke toggle (Win+F15) to activate and deactivate, and the wait period (default 2 minutes) can be configured in the script itself, which is simply a text file (.ahk) You’ll need to install Autohotkey:

If you don’t want to install Autohotkey, I attached an exe file which is a compiled version of the script which you can simply run… Put it anywhere and launch it. Hopefully it won’t blow up your computer. :wink: :laughing:
Cubase (533 KB)
Cubase (583 Bytes)