Autosave not saving

I just had a crash, and to my horror, Autosave has not saved any .bak files. In Preferences, it’s set to save every 3 minutes. This is the first time I’ve ever seen this. It’s also the first time I’ve ever imported tracks into a project.

Not sure what’s going. Has anyone had this happen?


I have noticed backup weirdness. I have my Preferences set to autosave every 5 minutes. Cubase got weird (GA4, will describe it when I can) so I decided to close without saving. But first I checked my project folder for backups. What a relief, I thought, there is a bak file from just a few minutes ago. So I answered “no” to “save changes?”… But then, the backup files following the last saved version disappeared. I think this is consistent with your experience, Mahlon.

I find it hard to believe this could be the behaviour, but reproducing it would be quite an undertaking.

Fyi I’m running 8.0 – have not installed 8.05.


I must say my workflow is faster with Cubase 8 Pro…except for this which has caused some setbacks.

I have confirmed that when a project is closed without saving, the bak files created by autosave after the last deliberate save, disappear. (They’re not in the Windows Recycle Bin.) I watched the bak files disappear from the project folder. This seems to be new behaviour, as I would have noticed it before. Perhaps Steinberg or someone can explain the how and why of autosave, so we can either adjust the way we rely on it, or ask for a change.

Here is what causes the issue:

  • You save “Project X” at 9 AM. Autosave is set to save every 5 minutes.

  • You work for an hour without saving, and then you notice something going weird/crashy in Cubase, so you decide to close Cubase without saving, and re-open using a recent backup. But first, you check the project folder to ensure that there is a backup file. You see that there is a bak file created 5 minutes ago. Great! Autosave did its job.

  • However, upon closing Project X without saving, all bak files that were created after the 9 AM save, simply disappear. You have lost an hour of work.

It is hard to understand how backup files are useful this way.

Can Steinberg or someone explain or help? Please and thank you!

Hey, thanks for the replies. I just got back to checking the forum.

That’s very strange for .bak files to be deleted. I’m not sure if that’s happening with Cubase 7.5/Windows 7, but I’ll check it when I get a chance.

I was able to re-engage autosave by going into preferences and changing the save time to a different interval. Now, it seems that everything is working correctly again.

I’ll check on the deletion thing and see if it’s happening in 7.5