Autosave not working properly in Cubase

I updated to Cubase Pro on 6th of July and the autosave has stopped working properly. Sometimes it saves a couple of backups then stops, or doesn’t back up at all, and I’ve lost some crucial work that normally should have been backed up and wasn’t.

Anyone else got this problem?

I just did a little test project to test it out, and it worked fine, then when I loaded in a current project I’m working on it saved a couple of backups then stopped.

Any ideas?

maybe the project is corrupted for some reason? You can try to create a backup copy of the project (from the menu) and try there. If not, in an empty project try importing Tracks from the project.

Cubase does not always report if a project is corrupted in some way.

No, it’s not about corrupted projects, as it affects all of them.

Maybe a partial workaround is to turn off autosave in the preferences, click apply, turn autosave back on, click apply again, which seems to trigger it into working again. Clearly this shouldn’t be needed, so I hope this is something that will be sorted out before Cubase 12 is abandoned.

Is it possible to reverse the update to the previous version of Cubase, which didn’t have this problem? I think that’s what I’ll have to try and do.

That does sound like corrupt preferences. (not projects btw). I would guess that reverting to a previous version will not fix the problem.

Have you ruled out corrupted preferences when you troubleshoot?

I guess it might have been a corrupted preference file. Since turning autosave off and turning it on again it seems to have been ok. The old remedies are still the best!

I really hope Steinberg get their act together with sorting out these corrupt preferences from Point maintenance updates , which is the point , they are to fix , not break and force you to reset you personal setup

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