AUTOSAVE not working properly

I don’t know if this has started happening after the 7.03 update, but my AUTOSAVE doesn’t seem to work properly. It’s set to 3 minutes, yet it only creates a backup whenever it feels like, sometimes up to an hour. I’ve tried setting it to different minutes, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. I’ve got number of backups set to 7 (if that even makes a difference.)

It seems to autosave only when you’re not playing the project.

Do you keep it playing for hours at a time?

Aside from playback needing to be stopped, Auto save is triggered only when there are unsaved changes, so if you are exploring your project and not making changes when the 3 minutes are up it does nothing.

The behavior described is what happens if you do not make any changes that would be saved in the project.

It could also be that one of your settings files is corrupt, in which case you should start Cubase in safe mode and see if it still occurs.

I thought everytime the mouse pointer changed to a rainbow coloured spinning circle it was autosaving. But in all honesty, no it’s not backing up even when I’m not ‘playing’ the sequence. Yes I’m making changes constantly, and it’s not backing up. I’m looking at it now, and it says the last backup was exactly 50 minutes ago. Not normal.

in which case you should start Cubase in safe mode and see if it still occurs.

It would be probably be better if you added a sig with your system info.

Not working properly for me either. One time I found a .backup file in my images folder.
Search for the backup extension in spotlight and see if this happened for u. Doesn’t always work but it did just when I was about to redo 30 min worth of work I had lost

same here, and similar to charliewonder7, i am running CA6.5 on a mac. So it isn’t just 7.0.3. This has been going on for some time (possibly since/before v.6), and I just assumed that it was my machine…

Its happening to me again. This time with Cubase 8