Autosave preferences

It would be great if preferences (preferably all, but most importantly the saved presets in the VST Connections, Control Room Settings, plugins manager) were autosaved along with a project. I often change my preferences and then when Cubase crashed I have to remember what I’ve updated and go back in to fix it. I end up quitting out of cubase a bunch to make sure preferences get saved.

Yes, it’s too often that you make some settings and they don’t make it until the first “official serious normal shutdown by user command”. Then you have to figure them all out again.

+1 please. I’ve taken to saving them manually when I change them, but it would be so much nicer if Cb saved them when you clicked the Apply button rather than when I close Cubase!


Oh yeah! I hate it when that happens! And cubase seems to be crashing all the time lol