I looked up on the web but I wasn’t able to find how to set up AutoSave. If I want 1 min, 2 mins, 30mins… how do I set it?

Thank you very much everyone.


open Cubase.
File - Preferences - General - Auto save - Auto save interval


You could have saved a lot of time and effort had you just simply opened the PDF Operation manual and typed “auto save” in the search box - less than a minute. :wink:

Agreed! Always check the manual first. Easiest & fastest. :unamused:

It’s not always that fast when in your language there is 3 ways of saying that.
Salvataggio Automatico
Registrazione automatica
Salva automaticamente

Auto save it’s inside the english PDF, but I had to re download it and look up for it, so that’s not actually faster than posting a question.

All languages are installed in the documentation folder so no need to re-download it. :wink:
The language of the program can be changed (even temporarily) in preferences, so if you don’t know what the setting is in your chosen language, you can change it.
The above comments are meant to be helpful should you have further difficulties and not meant as a derision.

Sorry, but In my “Preferences” there is no language change in the menu. It’s all in Spanish (which I understand) but I want to change it to English. How can I change it?
Thank you

Hi sloid7,

open Cubase.
Archivo - Preferencias - General - Idioma