Autoscroll in Key Editor


I keep the Key Editor open on a secondary display when I’m working, so that every MIDI part I select in the Project Window has its contents displayed there automatically. However, The Key Editor always displays the contents from the beginning of the part regardless of the song position. Some MIDI parts are very long, and I either have to scroll to where the song position is, or press my Autoscroll keyboard shortcut twice to turn it off and back on (that’s the Key Editor’s autoscroll I’m referring to).

Is there a less annoying way of achieving this?


When you jump over to the KeyEditor, are you activating the Editor before you try manipulating it? Click on the top of the Editor when you fly over to it, then hit the AutoScroll F key and see if it works the first time.

If by “Follow” you mean this icon…
…then it’s called “Autoscroll” and I’ve explained above why it doesn’t work as expected.

If you mean something else, I’m sorry but I can’t find anything called “Follow” in the Key Commands window and I’m already using F for a different function…

Im sorry, I posted before I fully read. :blush:

I call it follow, to make it easier to remember the Key Command. My bad.

No problem.

If anyone has an idea, please help. Otherwise it might be a feature in need of fixing…

I edited my first post to reflect a real answer (this was before You replied, but I wasnt quick enough). See if that the problem. I use my Editors just like You, but havent had this issue…

Sorry SirJoeph, I hadn’t seen your very first post. I’m not sure I understand: you seem to suggest that Autoscroll needs to be activated each time the Key Editor window is used, which is precisely what I’m annoyed with…

Here’s a rundown of what goes on here, please read this carefully, I can’t describe this any better:

  1. Deselect any MIDI part in the Project Window. Set the Key Editor horizontal zoom level to a reasonably detailed view (I have 2-3 bars visible in mine).

  2. Move the project cursor around, far away from the beginning of the project (I’m around Bar 30 here). With Autoscroll ON, the Key Editor follows, and by default shows you the contents of last part you had selected.

  3. Now, select a MIDI part in the Project Window which starts much earlier, says at Bar 5, and continues to where you were (Bar 30 in my example).

  4. The Key Editor window shows the contents of that part, but at its start position (Bar 5 and one or two bars further down). You have to, in the Key Editor, either (a) double-tap the “Autoscroll” key command (i.e. deactivate and activate it again) or (b) manually scroll to the right to find the bar you want to work on (i.e. where you’re at in the project window).

Is the issue I’m referring to clearer?

I run into this as well sometimes, I would like the key editor to always open on the cursor position in the project.

Another workaround is to select a part and then, before heading to the Key Editor window, move the cursor just a little left or right. Wonderfully annoying.

Similar problem in the audio editor…if I play through on the arrange page and then open the editor it always opens some bars earlier in the audio event than the play locator.
Deselecting the auto scroll (follow) and then reselecting it lines up the editor to the locator as required.

Currently doing lots of in depth editing that requires dipping in and out of audio edit and these 2 extra button bushes or key taps every time are really annoying.

Thanks for chipping in, Grim :slight_smile:

2nd this. There’s some useless scolling and I thought this is just me. :slight_smile:

This is a bug, introduced in v5. This did not happen in v4, and previous.

Close Cubase
Trash prefs
Launch Cubase
Open project with a long enough MIDI event, or create one in a new project
Place cursor at later point in project
Open that MIDI event (Key Ed)
Key Ed is open to the project cursor position
Close Key Ed, open again, Key Ed is again open to the project cursor position
Open and close Key Ed many times, Key Ed is no longer open to the project cursor position

You can actually see the shift take place gradually if you leave your cursor in the prior position.

Here is hoping that SB has this on the list for v7.


This is a bug, introduced in v5. This did not happen in v4, and previous.

I can’t reproduce this behavior by following your steps, and even if I could, it seems a bit off-topic. What I was describing is not a bug (which what you describe certainly appears to be), but rather a design flaw.

Sorry bro. I just re-read your post, but am failing on how mine was off topic. Keep in mind - I was doing nothing more than trying to help.

No problem man, none of this is personal… I was just trying to keep the focus here :slight_smile: