Autoscroll on playback does not work always


Some days ago I noticed that autoscroll on playback (which jumps to the next screen when the green line reaches the right border of the screen) sometimes does not work. It seemed to be the last “jump” which is being skipped, but when I played the score from the beginning, the first jumps were ok, only the last jump did not happen.

Then yesterday (some hours later) it stopped working at all. The last 3 hours of working in the evening yesterday I had to scroll manually when playing back the score.
(All this happened in Galley View where I work 95% of the time currently.)

I double checked the program setting. Is there anything else, that (regularly) would prevent the view from jumping to the next screen? I tried in various zoom levels, but that did not have any effect on the issue.

Thanks, E.

Mark raised that issue in another thread this week , if I am not mistaken. Even with a video
[Edit] The thread was created by Auerbach, and you are really not alone!

Ah, thanks for pointing me to this thread.
I remembered this thread to be only about different speeds between audio and the green line’s motion. But you are correct, the comments also mention the score not jumping to where the line goes down the thread.

(I’m currently at about 95% of having read everything in this forum, but I might have skipped a few lines here or there. g)