Autoscrolling in Galley View

I seem to recall a request made here for the galley view not to scroll so far over when moving to a new page. I thought that the ability to see more of what had been written in the previous bars was something that the developers agreed to provide. At present, on can see nothing to the left of the new bar. Apologies if my memory is faulty in this matter; but I am frequently having to move the window across to see what I just inserted.

On the other hand, maybe what I want has been made an option that I havent been able to locate in v. 4.0.


No, there are no new options in this regard in Dorico 4. When we move the view in galley view during note input, we move as far as reasonably possible such that we won’t have to move again right away, the idea being that you get “a screenful” of space to write into. The idea is that you should see a little bit of the music you have just input still at the left-hand side of the view after the move.