Autosplut / learn regions from txt file

Anybody has experience with this specific feature?

I use the “ordinary” autosplit feature contantly but today a very specific project called for this function since I have a scripts with timecodes that I need to generate markers from.

I just cannot get the feature to work. I’ve triede every possible combo of formatting the txt file - it just doesn’t work.

Maybe I’m not writing the “code” right.

It’s like this if I choose timecode format (HH:MM:SS:samples)


This SHOULD create a region marker named “marker 1” that starts @ 1 second and ends @ 9 secons.


pls help if you know how to make it work

Indeed, there is a problem. But there is a solution. Select the XML tag format in the dialog, and have your text lie, for example:

Region Name

Then it will work.

Strange coding with :: instead of : and End= etc.? But then, I know nothing of XML…
Interesting function BTW, didn’t know it existed!

It sure does! Thought I had tried that combo as well, maybe the Capitalized letter made a difference?

Oh well…thanks a mill PG!