Autotune 7 Crashes now

I recently attempted to use AutoTune 7, and it crashes Nuendo altogether. Any ideas?

I’m not sure where to begin with this issue. I updated AT7 software just to make sure it is not AT7. Truth is, I am not sure. My process is simple:

  1. Record audio file
  2. Select the audio file
  3. Process Plugin; select AT7; Everything is ok
  4. Go to the next audio file
  5. Process Plugin; select AT7; Failure

and I get a blank window, mimicking what would have been the AT7 window size. Nuendo informs me of the error and needs to be restarted. Can anyone recreate this?

I had this yesterday in cubase 7 on my new machine but adding Autotune 7 to the insert rack of a track.

In my old windows 7 machine I had the same issue with the new version 7 autotune but I used to use the old version ‘EVO’ I think it was called and that worked fine.

I@m not sure what’s going on with this new version but it a bit flakey.


Not to hijack your thread but I find AT7 such a PITA on all fronts. On my machine, it takes a full SEVEN SECONDS to load each time I want to process a clip. I contacted Antares about this, and they told me that that was a normal amount of time, and to “keep in mind that Auto-Tune 7 is a powerful plug-in that requires a lot of processing power to run.”

Ha! Yes that’s a quote from them. I have never ever had any plugin take anywhere near that time to load. What a bunch of bull to reply with.

Also, I haven’t had Autotune correctly sync the audio to the drawn wave form during auditioning the clip in graphic mode since version 3!!! And that’s a showstopper for me. I often go into N5.5 to do pitch correction on vocals just so that I could use AT3 (which isn’t compatible with N6).

This happened to me, some time ago, when the authorization changed to iLok. Antares eventualy put me back on hardware authorisation, which fixed it.

I would keep bothering Antares tech support - what they told you isn’t right IMHO.

Edit to say, unfortunately Autotune is somewhat unstable in Nuendo for me. Most days when I use AT (which i almost always use in auto mode, to process a clip) it crashes Nuendo at least once. Nuendo almost never crashes apart from this.