autotune 7 crashing cubase /nuendo

Autotune 7 x64 is crashing my current working track. I’ve the latest version of everything and when I go to insert the plugin I sometimes get a crash, other times once in the project opening the plugin window, it’s white and I get a crash with a nasty audio buzz.

autotune crash.jpg

sorted it out with the help of a nuendo guy who was having the same problems:

I was getting a similar crash with AT7. Here are a couple of things I did:

Installed the latest version of ilok manager, and at7
Made sure the ilok key was in a compatible USB Port

In Nuendo, go to Plug In Information, and where you can add folders for Nuendo to find plugins, I removed the whole list. I don’t get crashes anymore with AT7.


back again today !!!

argh this is very annoying got clients in as well

got a confirmation from a Nuendo 6 user with the same problem.



Another Nuendo user has posted with the same issue, can’t believe no one’s having a problem here with Cubase and the latest autotune 7…is everyone using autotune version 5/6 still?


Please follow-up in