Auv3 insert effect, faulty when desactivated

Something I see happening : after being deactivated (with the power button on the left), they are often still active, the power button is off but the effects can be heard. Then I have to unload the effect with selecting « none » one the place of this effect to effectly don’t hear it. This complicate a little bit the manipulations.

Hi @loisl,

Thanks for your message.
Please let us know the exact steps to reproduce the problem.

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Hi Lars,
I didn’t have the session anymore operating in cubasis, because I unloaded the plugin effects from the track.
What I can say is that happened when I had loaded the following effects : “fabfilter saturn 2”, “SGA Phoenix”, and “tonebooster Reverb”. This happened another time with “tonebooster bitjuggler” loaded in a insert effect.



Hi @loisl,

Thanks for your reply.

Since we did not experience the problem ourselves, the exact steps would be required to give the issue a repro unfortunately.

If you see it again, please provide us with the steps to allow our engineers look into it.

Thanks again,