AUv3 instruments crashing on 3.2

Hi there,

Just here to report an annoying issue with 3.2. Unfortunately, it seems that the software is not able to handle correctly AUv3 instruments. I’ve been using mainly BeatHawk and ISymphony… No problems with Cubasis 2. However, in 3.2, the auv3 instruments often crashes, or notes keep playing even when you don’t play anymore…

Don’t have this issue with other DAWs, nor with Cubasis 2 (which I’ll be using), but I find this very unfortunate, as it renders the software completely unusable for me…

Will be watching future updates. Will try to fill a proper bug report as well (once I find a moment !).

Anybody has same issues with C3.2 ?

Oh by the way, wishing you guys all the best for the new year :wink: !

Ok, found the bug report template, so here it is:

1. Summary/Title
AuV3 instruments keep notes playing while not actually playing, then crash.

2. Description
Starting from a brand new project, I add auV3 instruments: mainly using BeatHAWK and ISymphony. The instruments usually load up pretty smoothly, and I’m able to play using the provided on screen keyboard or pads (did not try yet with an external MIDI keyboard, will do next week).
After a random amount of time (ususally, in terms of minutes, sometimes seconds), the instrument crashes, or the notes keep playing while I’m actually not touching the screen anymore. It actually usually starts like this: (1) I play using the pads or the keyboards. Works fine for a moment, and then the notes is hanging, and I have to click on the play button twice to stop the sound from being played. (2) Randomly, when issue (1) happens, the plugin just shuts down and I have to restart CB3.2.

Please keep in mind that this issue never happens in CB2, nor other DAWs such as GarageBand (last update as well).

3. Expected Results
I’m expecting the auv3 instrument to play correctly and smoothly, which happens only for a short amount of time.

4. Actual Results
Plugin crashes, or notes are still playing while I’m not playing anything, often followed by a crash of the auv3 instrument.

5. Environment

  • IPad Pro 2020 (128Gb)
  • Cubasis 3.2 (last update)
  • BeatHawk auv3 instrument (last version)
  • ISymphony auv3 instrument (last version)
  • External Audio Interface for recording other instruments and playing back to headphones: Audient EVO 4.

Thank you !

Yes. I’ve just started a new project from scratch with a few midi tracks drawn in. Insert Layr and its snap, crackle and pop time. Freezing doesn’t work, produces an empty audio clip. Sunrizer seems more stable. That’s as far as I’ve got at the moment so I don’t know how bad this is with other Instruments.
Also getting random crashes but I’ve got used to that - thankfully, C3 loads quicker than before. Hope these annoying little bugs can be squashed. They do spoil all the time and effort that’s obviously been spent trying to make it reliable.

Yep, I can tell I experiment the exact same issues… Hopefully it will be solved quickly, this renders the application not very usable for professional use…

One small update here: It looks like the hanging notes issues described in the bug is related to the PADS usage… Does not seem to happen with the onscreen keyboard.

Ok, with MIDI keyboard and AUv3 indtuments, there is a latency that just renders it not very usable … No latency in cubasis 2. Will stick to that version for now… Much more usable… I wish I had known all these bugs before, would have gone for Cubasis 2 directly without paying for both versions…

Hi josm, Hi all,

Unfortunately, we are unable to reproduce the problem with iSymphonic and BeatHawk, as mentioned in the report.

Please let us know the exact steps, to reproduce the issue.
Algonside, please share a short video and the project with us.

To do so, please upload the files via Dropbox, and let us have the download links via private message.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Lars, Hi all,

So I finally tracked the issue and found a solution ! Isn’t that a good news to hear ? :wink:

Turns out that the issue comes from the « Audio Latency Engine ». So I realized that playing with it had an effect on my latency issue. So I started searching online for information about that latency engine, and found out this link on the AudioBus Forum: https: / / forum . audiob . us/discussion/42746/cubasis-3-2-multicore-rendering-latency-settings

(Sorry, the site does not allow to put links so I added spaces)

This page, kindly written by you Lars, gives a clear explanation of how latency issues can happen with some specific midi AUv3 instruments. In my case, disabling it completely when playing one of these specific instruments makes the latency disappear completely.
I am pretty sure that the initial issue I wrote about (midi instrument freezing and keeping playing), is also related to the latency engine. Looks like a small issue when spreading computational power on multiple cores. That would also explain why it does not happen to everybody, as not all tablets on the market allow multi-core computation.

Anyway, since it has been explained so well in the link I mentioned, I would not consider it as an issue or a bug. If you get latency with MIDI instruments, try playing with audio latency engine, or disable it completely.
Now, I feel free to write music again and record ! Great !


Hi josm,

Thank you for your message.

Anyway, since it has been explained so well in the link I mentioned, I would not consider it as an issue or a bug. If you get latency with MIDI instruments, try playing with audio latency engine, or disable it completely. Now, I feel free to write music again and record ! Great !

We are glad to read that you’ve been able to sort out the issue yourself via chaining the audio latency engine settings.

Thanks for the update,