AUwrapped AUv2 runs as Intel in Logic

I’ve just discovered that our new AUv2 wrapped plugins are running as Intel in Logic and AU hosts (e.g. Reaper).

  • auwrapper lib is compiled as universal.
  • VST3 plugin is compiled as universal (and runs as arm64!!!).
  • AUv2 wrapped plugin is compiled as universal BUT runs as Intel.

When an AU instance in launched in Logic (or Reaper) on an M1, the AUHostingCompatibilityService is visible in the Activity Monitor.

I tried to search for info but I couldn’t find anything.

Is this a known issue? Me making some simple error as often happens?


The arm64 version couldn’t be loaded so Logic silently loaded the x86_64 one.

Reason was a stupid, extremely old mistake we used to make: plugin’s unique code was 3 digits (instead of 4). This didn’t produce any blatant problem (auval used to run in arm64 mode, too, no alerts, nothing) while the host (Logic, Reaper) on M1 silently found an error on AU loading (so reverting to the x86_64 version).