Auwrapper and gui resizing

Does auwrapper work/support drag resizing of a GUI. I have a VST3 plugin that works great with drag resizing but auwrapped VST3 does not respond to drag resizing in any of the major DAWs. Resizing via plugFrame->resizeView works in AU. Btw I am using VSTGUI, but not uidesc.
I am using VST 3.6.14 and VSTGUI 4.9.
Is this normal behavior?
Any help is appreciated.

Yes, this is normal. The AU API has no native support for user resizing.

Thanks for the quick reply Arne. While I have your attention… Does AAX have the native support for resizing, and if so. does AAX wrapper supports it too?

It’s the same as with AU, no support in AAX for this.

Thanks Arne!