AUWrapper issues in Reaper

Hi All,
I’m wrapping some VST3 plugins on SDK 3.7.1 and having the following main issues while running the AU on Reaper:

  1. in the generic view and in the automation lanes Reaper shows the values of all parameters in the normalized form [0;1] and not the real values. This is not the standard Reaper behavior because for other plugins it shows the real values.

  2. When I change the parameter values in my custom view and then open the generic view all the changes are synched (in the generic view values are normalized but synched) but when I make changes in the generic view and then return to the custom view changes are not synched.

VST3 version is Ok and the AU works fine on Logic.

Is anyone else experimenting these issues? Any ideas how to fix them?
Thanks in advance!

Same weird behavior using SDK 3.6.14