auwrapper target, universal builds on Mac OS

Setting “option(SMTG_BUILD_UNIVERSAL_BINARY “Build universal binary (32 & 64 bit)” ON)” in UniversalBinary.cmake in the new 3.6.9 SDK successfully sets the active architectures to x86 and x64 for all targets except the auwrapper lib. “Build active architectures only” is set to YES for release in the auwrapper library target as well.

I still build and offer my plugins in 32 bits and I’m a little confused why this isn’t possible for auwrapped plugins anymore, since it worked flawlessly in the 3.6.8 SDK. Is this by design? I can still get universal builds by patching the “architectures” and the “build active architectures” settings the auwrapper target in Xcode project, but this isn’t a real solution in a scripted ci build environment.