Aux/Bus routing and visibility

I’d just like to get something confirmed here.

Preface: I make money on PT, so that’s my point of reference really, and it also explains why I have “blind spots” on Nuendo (until I start making significant money on it).

On PT when I want to route a signal via a send to a bus, and then use that signal as an input to trigger a compressor on a different track (for example), the actual bus is never “seen”. You don’t see it in the edit window, and you don’t see it in the mixer window. It’s like “plumbing” that lives “behind the scenes” if you know what I mean.

In Nuendo we can’t do this, correct? If we create the required “bus” to transport this signal, that essentially results in a corresponding track, yes? This is distracting to me. It’s information I don’t really need.

How do you guys deal with this? Is it a problem at all for you?

The sidechain concept of Nuendo is different insofar that a sidechain is not an ordinary bus but a dedicated connection that gets initialized by its target. In that sense, the example you gave would have some “plumbing behind the scenes” going on like PT, but based on a different scheme.


… apart from that, you can always hide a track from a mixer view, and move any channels of the project window to the alternative workspace (once it’s devided), or into a flat Folder track.



Not much more to add here except it’s a simpler/more elegant solution - no need to create a track to “transport” the signal.
Activating the side-chain gives you a routing possibility which you can either send signal to (via a send) or route a track to (via the track routing dialog).